The Ultimate Moving Checklist: 5 Items to Pack First!


Moving Checklist:



The ultimate residential moving checklist for some of your most important necessities. All American Relocation Inc. understands how stressful relocating to a new home may be which is why we made a checklist to ensure you don’t forget these important items. Make sure you save or come back to the list below for your next relocation!


  1. Important Documents

This includes certifications, bank information, social security cards, passports and more. We made sure to put these items at the top of the moving checklist due to their significance.


  1. Valuables

This includes jewelry, family heirlooms, electronics, and more. Make sure to pack these items with protective wrapping to prevent any possible damage.


  1. Parts Boxes

This includes screws, nails, construction tools, and any piece that you would need to build a specific furniture item. To ensure you do not get these small parts lost, be sure to keep them organized and remember where you packed them.


  1. Health Necessities

This includes prescriptions, vitamins, contacts, and more. When packing all your furniture and household items, it is very common to let these items slip your mind. You can place all necessity products in your overnight travel bag.


  1. Keys

This includes house keys, car keys, boat keys and more. To best keep track of all your keys, it is convenient to keep them all in one organized place if possible.


Although this moving checklist may seem like a no-brainer for some, you would be surprised by how easy it can be to forget these items if you’re stressed from a move. In addition to the tips given above, always make sure to label and securely package your moving boxes to prevent some of your most important items from being lost.